Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Into The New Year!

Well here we are a few day's into the new year. And as I look back I have to say I am pretty blessed! And I just have to say Thank You for each and every one of them.
I have a pretty great family, I am still able to do most of the things I love...and even the things I have trouble doing...my family is great about helping me out and dealing with all the crankiness, depression, and frustration having an auto-immune disorder can cause. Not to mention the financial strain.
I have made some great friends and have met so many wonderful and inspirational people because of what I do. And the incredible feeling I get when I see the happiness in someones face or a heartfelt e-mail. And when someone is willing to plunk down there hard earned dollars for something I made and put myself into...it feels like an honor...like I just won an award or something.
We had a wonderful Christmas and we celebrated my oldests 21st birthday!
Like most of us do, I have looked back at last years goals and progress and over all, I think I did pretty well. My beads have improved greatly, I'm taking better pictures, I've been doing more metal work, and trying new things I have been wanting to try for years.
One of the best things is that both my daughters have a great interest in the things I do. With classes from school and their own interests, they have added a bunch more to the list...like polymer clay, beading, ceramic, hemping, knitting, sewing, and drawing. They also like gardening, cooking, and soap & candle making. We have already started planning our herb garden for next summer. We are also working on healthier eating habits and greener living.
During my last post I had talked about making some decorations with my daughter. We did manage to make some fused glass ornaments that I thought I would share. Everything but the spiders were made from recycled window glass, using glass frits, mica, enamels, and glass stringers.

Best Wishes to All in 2012!!!...On to another year of learning!!

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