Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Things have just been so busy here lately. A few weeks ago I thought I was way ahead of the game...but lately I feel like I'm scrambling. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we have the house and yard are fairly well decorated for Christmas. I have a few decorating projects I'm hoping to get to with my daughter once her winter break starts.

On the health end: So far I am still doing well keeping my sugar levels under control without medication. The weight loss has stalled some and I have only lost 3 Lbs. the last few months...but at least I'm not gaining any back. This time I plan to make it a life more up and down like a yo-yo.

On the glass end...I am so grateful to have a local fan base that keeps me hopping with custom orders this time of year. I have reached my cut-off date for custom orders. So now I am using some of that time to experiment and work on some of the idea's that have been rolling around my head the last couple months. I got to play a little the other day with some mica powders.

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