Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soups On! What My Partner Sent Me.

A big thank you to Lori Anderson! Another excellent job pairing people up! Also a big thank you to my Partner Kristin Oppold of Yay Jewelry.
She sent me just an amazing soup, and so much of it I feel a little guilty.
Natural and unique pieces mixed with some spunk and great colors that are so her style. These are very different from my norm and quite the challenge for me....which I just love. That is the whole point of bead soup and what I really love about this hop!
She wrapped it up all pretty with a identifying tag on each item, she even included ordering info for the really cool pieces. All with a nice note...very thoughtful. Poor Kristin got mine with no pretty packaging no nice descriptions and even some beads that got left behind. I had been really under the weather, so my husband and daughter packed it up for me. It wasn't the package I had wanted to send...but I am so thankful for the help.

To learn more about my partner and see her amazing work...

Here is the soup I received.
Each all nicely labeled and identified including artist a ordering sweet!

Basalt heart by TF Beadstore on Etsy.

Basalt heart by TF Beadstore on Etsy. Polymer focal by Lisa Peters.
Copper etched by Kristin

Polymer head pins by Numosity. Beach glass by TF Beadstore.

The whole soup!

And so it begins!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party is here! Meet My Partner!

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party is here! Created & hosted by Lori Anderson of Lori Anderson Designs.
The hop started out as a few friends trading beads and sharing the designs they made with the bead soup they received. The hop has become so big it is now a once a year event.
Lori pairs up partners who will swap a mix of beads called bead soups. The soups have to consist of a focal, a special clasp and coordinating beads. Something you would be proud to give to your best friend. We then create something using both the focal and the clasp and mix in any of the beads sent and anything else you would like to add. 
This year the big reveal is one date. Like previous soups we all will post pictures and a little blurb about our soups and finished piece. Then we visit each other’s blog.

This is my 3rd hop. This time around my partner is Kristin Oppold of Yay Jewelry. Wife, mother, published artist, past gymnast, magician...not really, she just makes it seem that way. This is her second hop. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin at the last hop and was just blown away by her designs. Very exciting to choose a soup for someone who's work you know and admire. Also a little nerve wracking as she buy's some big name beads. :)
We both have been busy learning new techniques and have a lot of the same wants on our big bucket lists. 

To learn more about Kristin and her incredible journey.... 

Here are a few of Kristins gorgeous designs.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be posting our bead soups soon!