Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Happy Monday

What a wonderful begining to the week. My husband worked all weekend building me shelves and a wonderful closet system.
I have so much space to put things in and it will make the smaller space I'm in now much easier to work in.
I spend the day organizing and putting things in the clear tubs my daughter bought for me at the thrift store she works at. I love being able to save money and keep things out of the landfill.
She also had one of those once in a while great finds that made me do a happy dance. She found a rolling jewelry case with 18 plastic trays 24 white leather pads and 6 leather necklace easels. It is just perfect as I have been wanting to add some white and other colors to the black show set up I have now. She paid $4.00 which is just amazing, this would have cost me around $200.00 new.
Now I wish it was a little warmer I have the bug to go rummaging.

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