Friday, February 15, 2013

My soup has arrived!

My soup has arrived! It all arrived very neatly packaged in this cool little tin. I know my partner was hoping I would use it to make components. But, it is such a great shape I can’t cut it up. I do love my little boxes. Now, for what was inside that little box!

2 small lampwork spacers by Raida Disbrow,
1 lampwork focal artist unknown, (if you happen to know who’s work this is please let me know)
3 Picture jasper focals.
2 handmade copper clasps.
A mix of copper beads& chain, a strand of picture jasper rounds, smoky quarts, cut red glass, natural stone briolette’s, felt beading pad, and the tin.

 The unknown focal...if you know the artist please let us know...gorgeous bead!

When I was going through the box I did have a few idea’s pop up. I am hoping to sit down tonight with everything.

I just love the colors and everything my partner sent. Thank you Stephanie!
You can find out more about Stephanie here…

Thought I would share a little teaser picture of what I sent my partner. Oops the picture...

Thanks for stopping by...stay tuned!!


  1. Hi Patricia! Wow, your soup is my dream materials!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what you do with these wonderful gems.

    Right away I can see that we have a few things in common :-) I grew up in SE Wisc. Milton and Whitewater area. VERY happy memories. And cousins there too.

    I'm a member of FFAW on Etsy as well, but have not been to the forums lately. When I put my shop in vacation mode and moved, things had a way of dropping off.

    It's so nice to "meet" you!

    Cheers - Debi

  2. Hi Debi,
    So nice to meet you also! We do have a few things in common. :) I live 15 miles from whitewater..great little town!
    I am just thrilled with the soup! Even though I am a rock person with a nice little collection from hounding. I don't work much with natural stone, so this is a nice challenge.

    I am very excited also and can't wait for the reveal!

    Cheers (one more thing in common :) )