Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Party

This month I joined my 1st Bead Soup Blog Party. Created and hosted by Lori Anderson of Lori Anderson Designs. This time around the party is huge with almost 400 participants with 3 separate reveal dates.
Lori has paired up artists who will swap bead soups. The soups have to consist of a focal, a special clasp and coordinating beads. Something you would be proud to give to your best friend. We then have to create something using at least the focal and the clasp…and have these ready for the reveal. Plus you also visit other members blogs. I just love this idea…it really gets you to think outside your comfort zone and helps get some traffic to your blog.

You can learn about Lori and the party…plus a list of participants here…

My partner for the swap is Marge Beebee...this is Marges 3rd swap.
I am so excited. I checked Marge’s blog and think I have the perfect soup for her. I hope she likes it.
You can learn about Marge here...
I am really looking forward to the challenge…See you at the reveals!!


  1. Very thrilled to have you! And Marge is the genius who taught me Google Docs so I could make the sign up form!

  2. Thank you so much Lori. This blog party is so cool...what a great idea. Your blog is well written and I really like the things you are talking about. Can't wait till I get a little more time to really go through it.
    And thanks so much for all the posts on blogging...They have been a great help. I am so lost with all this computer stuff...but learning more and more everyday. And I do beleive I sucessfully got rid of that Captcha I didn't even know existed! ;-)

    This is so exciting...can't wait for the reveal!