Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Showers

Here we are mid April already. It's a little cooler and rainy like it should be this time of year in Wisconsin.
Most of my outdoor plants have come up, and my raspberries started budding too early with the heat spell he had. We did have a few nights below freezing and now what was on the bushes has turned black and fallen off. Hopefully I get some raspberries this year since last year was such a horrible season for them. The seeds I started back in February are doing fairly well this year. I am giving him more light and feeding them more than usual I still have quite a few plants that are spindly but I'm sure they will be just fine once I get them outside.

On the health end I have been a little lax and eating quite a bit of junk food....old habits die hard. I did however manage to take off the few pounds I had put back on, my sugar levels are good and I am still off the diabetes medication.

Last time I posted I had mentioned my surgery March 12 and that I was healing nicely. However that has changed, 10 days into it I had a few complications. I now have an open wound that needs to be packed with gauze twice a day and my poor hubby has to get up extra early so he can change it before he leaves for work. But the doctor said he's doing a great job it is healing well. It should be about another six weeks till it is healed.
I have not been able to do any lampwork at all and it is driving me crazy. I have been able to do some light metalwork and have been working on some jewelry made from all recycled parts. I have been using my hubbies recycled computer parts, some brass and roofing copper I found at the scrap yard. I've also been using recycled beads and crystals that I've been collecting and saving over the years from estate and rummage sales.

Thought I would share a picture of some of the all recycled  earrings I have been working on. The silver colored metal you see is aluminum that is been recycled from computers, it is very light weight and has a finish that is somewhere between satin and high polish. The only part that is not recycled is the ear wires. Those are made from 20gauge sterling silver and much better suited for sensitive ears.

It will be a bit before I get these items online. I need to get some pieces in the galleries first…. So if you see something you like let me know.. I would be happy to make a special listing for you.

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