Friday, April 29, 2011

My Happy Birthday

It's been an extremely busy and wonderful week. Had my daughter stay last weekend for Easter and to celebrate my birthday.
Saturday night my husband made me a wonderful birthday dinner of grilled steaks, mushrooms, fresh asparagus w/holondaise sauce, and a classic cheesecake factory sampler. We all sat around and talked while I opened presents. My husband and youngest daughter gave me sort of an IOU for a new camera ( now I just need to decide which one I want ) and my oldest daughter gave me a mp3 player ...the size of a matchbook that holds over 150 hrs. of music....just amazing! I will think of them and thank them every time I use them....especially when I'm taking photo's for my web sites and listening to music while I'm working.... instead of sitting in a quiet room :-)
Easter morning we hung out and talked while the girls opened their baskets. We all worked on putting our meal together. Dinner turned out great, my ham came out perfectly...just like the day and weekend. Then my daughter had to go back to her house :-( ....I wish she was closer...I miss her a lot.
I also got a very exciting letter from the fashion editor of a international magazine....I don't want to say any more than that right now ...cause I'm still not entirely sure what is all going to happen...cross your fingers and wish me luck!!..... I will keep you posted.
Thursday was my actual birthday and what luck UPS came that day with the metal working tools (minus my doming resin on back order ) I had ordered... also I was so pleasantly surprised by how many friends took the time to contact me to wish me a Happy Birthday.....everyone made it a great day!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Was A Good "Good Friday"

Had a pretty nice week as well. My daughter was here all week for spring break...was nice to have her here and it makes me look forward to spending summer vacation with her. Although I think we watched 20 episodes of Zena The Warrior Princes ;-) of her and my hubby's new favorites on Netflix.
I also placed a nice order for some metalsmithing tools, resin, and a gross of much needed practice blades for my hand saw...for my upcoming B-Day. I'm especially excited to be getting a draw I can keep my wire gauge inventory to a minimum...and draw down some of all the 12 gauge copper I have. Check out the link if you would like to see how this is done.
I tried a couple new recipes, low fat Chicken Cordon-blue and Malaysian Mango Chicken Curry (pictured). The Curry dish was especially good sort of like Sweet and Sour with a hint of Licorish and a kick. You can find the recipe at....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hubby Keeps Me Happy

My wonderful hubby Know's what it takes to make me Tool's hell yeah!!
He surprized me with a wonderful heavy duty pair of metal shears...they are huge about 13" in length. Now I won't have to wrestle with that well loved but really old pair I have been using. They will cut up to a 16 gauge ...tried them on 24 gauge ..they cut like butta!!!
Spring is finally here although we have a bit of a cold snap going on now. My flowers are all comming up and I'm curious to see what's all there.
I have been busy with custom orders and getting the shops and galleries stocked for Mothers Day.
I'm still playing with glass powders and inclusions. And been working on designs made with heavy gauge wire. Also been working on jewelry made from recycled computer parts and plan to post some soon.