Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doggy Rescue Update

Well Ruby has had her surgery and is healing nicely....It is so nice to see her feeling better.
She is just the sweetest dog and such a good girl. I can't wait to see what she will look like when her grows out...she just gets cuter everyday.
On the glass and jewelry end: I made a trip to the recycling center...what a great place. I found lot's of small cool metal pieces. A whole bunch of different metal wire in heavy and thin gauges. I also found some items that I think will make great tools for my lampworking.
On the home front: We had a wonderful thanksgiving...very quiet and relaxed. Just the four of us and my daughters boyfriend.
We have had the tree up for a couple weeks and me and my youngest have been working on the menu's.
The 24th we are having a birthday party for our oldest who will be 20... (omg how did that happen so fast.) We make her favorite meal and a special cake and put up balloons and streamers in front of the Christmas tree. lol. This year we are going to do something with red velvet cake...could be scary with Michelle in
On the 25th we will celebrate Christmas. I am hoping to talk the family into duck instead of our usual ham...we will see.

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