Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kite Fest

What a great weekend here in Milwaukee. The weather was just beautiful. We spent Saturday afternoon at the lakefront for the kite festival. We had a great time saw some really cool kites and some incredible competitions...6 kites moving together like they were all dancing to the music...some really well done routines. They really have to put their whole body into controlling the kites...and they get quite a workout. We will definatly go again!
We had friends over for a bbq in the evening and then we all went down to Tosa Fest to see the band the Love Monkeys. They put on a great show. we all had fun....what a great time.
Also on Wednesday night I went with my daughter and friend Debbie to an art show called the 999. It was 9, drama, music...that were all 9 minutes long. After the show we walked around the 3rd Ward and checked out some shops and galleries. We also walked out on the breakwater and explored some of the cool spots on the lakefront....what fun!!

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