Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Day

Not much new here. I have continued to work on "The year of learning" And have been working mostly on making torch beads and am starting to get some decent control when applying stringer ( dots and such ). I am getting better at different shapes, and pulling stringer......although making twist canes is still a long way off.
I'm waiting on an order of sheet metal and some new blades so I can continue practicing sawing and cold connection ..especially tube rivets. I did learn a nice little trick using a draw plate to start the rivets on. Just cut your tube or wire slightly longer than the the width of the draw plate, place it in the plate and hammer one gives it something to hold and does away with all that tap and flip. Insert rivet into the piece and trim leaving enough for another rivet and tap tap tap......done!
Here is a picture of a new design to share ( this piece can be seen in person at "Art and Soul Gallery" in Wauwatosa). I came up with a mock tubular peyote stich using a large core wire and seed beads strung on 28 guage wire. Hand wrought heavy guage copper and one of my multiple layer fused dichroic glass pendants beads...Enjoy!!

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