Monday, August 5, 2013

Customers Work - Mary Harding.

I love seeing what my customers make with my glass and recycled supplies. This time I am sharing a piece made by one of my favorite ceramic artists Mary Harding. I am just in awe of her work, especially her naturals. They are to die for.  Her pendants and beads are favorites of many artists and have graced the pages of many magazines. 

To learn more about this incredible artist. 

The piece she made is inspired by the book...The cookbook collector. From the comments left by other members, it seems Mary did a fantastic job bringing this book to life. This is a book I will have to read.

First I thought I would share the components in the piece. This is what she purchased from me.

Orange Capacitors.  These are still available along with lots of other colors.


Some tiny light bulbs and some spools of fine gauge colored copper wire. ( no longer available.) 

She altered the pieces to make these cool little beads.

She also made these fantastic realistic looking ceramic beads. I loved reading about her process on her blog.

She also soldered a copper bezel that she filled with capacitors and jewelers resin and dangled some more capacitors and a little light bulb.

Here is the completed piece...I just love it! 

Mary can tell the story better than is a link to her blog post...Please stop by and tell her what you think!

A few pieces of Mary's work...just to tease! :)

To learn more about this incredible artist. Here are links to her shops so you can check her out.

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  1. Patricia, what a wonderful post about my necklace!! Thanks so much for all the kind words and the pics of my work. You are so generous!!!

    1. Your so welcome Mary! It is a beautiful piece! I'm so thrilled with what you made...and that someone likes these cool little pieces as much as I do!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Stephanie! Your piece using the recycled stuff was so cool! :)