Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time to Pick a Winner for the Upcyclers Team May Creativity Challenge.

This month I was choosen as the judge of the upcyclers team creativity challenge. The medium I chose for the group to upcycle was plastic coffee cans or creamer containers. I have to admit my reasons were a little selfish, as my house is overflowing with these. I also know so many other coffee lovers I figured these would be easy to find. I was just dying to see what everyone came up with. The group is full of so many creative people. I am always amazed at the items this group creates.

You can learn more about the group here... http://love2upcycle.blogspot.com/

Well, the entries are in! This group did not disapoint! Such fantastic ideas from the pretty and practical to the wow! wow! How did you ever come up with such a great idea?

Here are this months entries. Now the problem is picking just two.


Here is my entry although I'm not including it in the judging.

What do you think? Which two would you choose?
Thanks for stopping by! I hope this inspired an upcycled project for you!

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  1. So hard to choose! Great post. Will share on Upcyclers FB in the morning. Thanks for being an awesome judge this month!!