Sunday, September 16, 2012

New gallery & New upcycled jewelry designs ..Verde Eco Boutique in Mequon Wisconsin.

Yesterday was such a great day! I had an appointment yesterday with a shop in Mequon Wis. called Verde Eco-Boutique. My glass designs and New upcycled jewelry line are now featured there.
As you may know I have been working on a 100% recycled line of jewelry using materials from my hubby’s e-cycling adventure. I thought this shop would be a perfect fit!
They are community based and eco friendly with a big emphasis on the helping the little guy. The boutique carries local artists' crafts (with an emphasis on upcycled), eco-friendly retail, and resale items.
I met with the owner Nancy. She is the visionary behind Verde Eco-boutique and a self admitted character.  Being a character myself we hit it off right away!
My hubby made some great display cards for my upcycled jewelry and he also came along. He loved the store and the direction they are going. He is just as excited as I am. We both think that Nancy has some great ideas and an eye towards the future and Verde Eco Boutique.

Afterwards we drove around mequon...John showed me some of the buildings he had worked on, the quarry's and we stopped and had lunch at this great little hamburger place called Roberts. We hit a few yard sales on the way home I found some beautiful antique floor lamps and a super cool metal coat rack, and a very cool solid brass picture frame with oval glass...they all just need a little TLC...I'll post before and afters soon.

Here's a couple of my upcycled designs.


  1. So cool....Congrats! Sounds like a perfect fit! Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful, your style! ~ Marcy : )

  2. Thank you so much Marcy! I'm so thrilled because it's more than just a shop...they have the same beleifs that we at upcyclers have.

    Hopefully there are a few team members who live in the area.


  3. Congratulations! The shop looks really nice, and it is great that their approach is so much like yours! Your jewelry is beautiful; all the best to you!

    1. Thank you so much Eugenie! My best wishes to you and yours!