Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's gnew with a glassy gnew

It has been far to long since my last post. So much has happened...where to begin.
Well first thing, we moved out of the city, back into the country. Out of our duplex with shared common areas and once again in a single family home :) Hoooray!!! I have a little privacy and my own private space back, and much more space than just a driveway between houses.
There are a few draw backs, such as...
loosing my dog ( although she was taken by a family member and has a great home )
I don't have studio space, well not for my bead torch and large kiln . but do have an area for jewelry making and small fusing (I hope to build a space for everything next spring )
My daughter who moved into her first place this spring is now 50 miles away.
And the nearest supermarket is about 12 miles from
OMG and mosquitos!!
But all in all we are all so much happier here.
Today my daughter had her first day at her new school. All went well, she made a few friends :D and she doesn't have to ride the city bus anymore..... BONUS!!!
Next spring we plan to have a much bigger garden and even a herb and flower garden for my soaps and scrubs.
I continue to try and eat healthier and have started looking more into some of the local is my hopes to get most of my meats and veggies from them and possibly some dairy....if I can find some who arn't using all the antibiotics and hormones. I am slowly finding chemical free solutions to replace the cleaners and beauty products I now use. And am trying to find more ways to recycle and even purchasing products with less packaging in mind.
With the world seeming to go crazy and one disaster after another. The way our government handled Katrina, and what little they have done for the flooding going on this year. I decided to put together a 3 day emergency package for my family and am now working on a 3 month storage of supplies....maybe some of us did learn..better safe than sorry!!
Now for the short term I just need to get some shelving in my work space and the place somewhat organized so I can actually do some work. And continuing with the 2nd "Year of Learning"I just got a few tutorials from Jewelry and can't wait to try them. I will be posting the results.

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