Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Bad Blogger Returns

Wow! time has just been flying by. It has been way to long since my last post.
I was never very good at trying to keep a journal or diary either....gotta work on that.

I have been keeping very busy though....parties, festivals, family and friends...all the usual stuff summer has to offer.
On the home front....
I tried gardening in containers this year.... Very different for me, and I didn't have much luck. I usually have a fairly large garden and mulch heavily. I have always had great success doing this and highly recommend that you give it a try. My plants are always extremely large and very healthy. I have little trouble with bugs, get to recycle my yard waste and kitchen scraps. I don't have to weed or barely need to water. I also save space and can put plants much closer together....since their not fighting against weeds for water, the moisture is kept in, and the rotting mulch feeds them. Plus I also think it might help attract beneficial bugs...I seem to notice more lady bugs and bees.

I also had a major accomplishment with my diabetes. I have been working hard on eating healthy and getting more exercise. I have been having a great time trying new recipes and have been converting family favorites to a healthier version of themselves...there is a couple recipes in older posts.  Because of these changes I have now lost 60 lbs and have been taken off my medication....YIPPY!!!!!

On the glass end... I have been busy working on my lampworking and sharing a good portion of that time with my daughters...which I love!! I've been playing a lot with frits and foils and some of the reactions to the metals....WOW!
I've also been working on jewery designs using my lampwork beads, alternative metals, and those wonderful computer parts I snag from my hubby's e-cycling.

Check out all the gorgeous color in my latest glass order...

One of my bracelets using recycled aluminium computer parts, blackened steel wire and cool snake skin beads I made using a tutorial from artist Lauri Copeland....please check her out...