Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crap Crap Craparoo

The last couple weeks have been so exciting and so busy. I did have a bummer of a Monday though...I told you I would keep you all up to date on the news about being contacted by a style and fashion editor of a worldwide magazine. Well the magazine is Time Out http://www.timeout.com/ I was contacted by their New York office. They were working on an article about brooches for a future issue and were interested in my fused dichroic brooches. Unfortunately they didn't realize my pieces were "one of a kinds" and wanted multiples to be available for their readers to purchase...so I will not be included in the article :-( However, I can't tell you what it did for my self-esteem to have such a incredibly large publication want to write about me and my work!
The other bummer news I got on that same Monday was from my doctor....It seems I can now add Diabetes to my list of health problems....but this disease can also be managed with a change in lifestyle and diet....I hope for the day when I hear cure for all...instead of the term "manage".
I was already working on healthier living..and have been doing really well .but now I have another reason to really stick to it..and make this a permanent change.
Spring has finally arrived although the weather here has been a little cold. I have been putting off planting my garden and would you believe we had frost warnings last night. Hopefully we will get it planted this weekend. I am also going to put in a nice herb garden for my soaps and new cooking ways.
Me and my husband have been hitting estate and garage sales....we found some great vintage pieces. And I'm still following along on the electronic scraping and grabbing what goodies I can....here are my latest finds.